In health astrology, each house is attributed for the good or bad health of particular body parts. So, any affliction or inauspicious positioning of planets in any house will signal to the vulnerability to illness of the particular area of the body.

Carefully predicted health astrology by date of birth of a person can foretell any impending incidents including accident, prolonged illness, diagnosis, and other negative symptoms. Also health astrology by moon sign can easily forecast any bad health issues. Inauspicious positioning of planets sends siren call for a serious illness.

A strong way to overcoming illnesses is the natural vitality. A person's life force is shown by eighth house of his birth chart; it also shows longevity — how long will the person live. A strong eighth house implies good karma that will help the person overcome all obstacles in life and regenerate good health all life.

The above mentioned facts are round one of health astrology, since there are always some exceptions in medical astrology. For example, though Saturn is considered as the planet that bears down suffering on any person and hence detrimental to his or her health. However, its position in eighth house of birth chart blesses the person with a long life, since Saturn symbolizes endurance!

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